Kuwait Story

In the name of God the Merciful

On Monday, March 31, 1980, they gathered the parents in the hall of the house .. God is prolonging her age and my older brothers, each one at the corner and Maikal II .. I am in the center and the sun from the mirror and I reflect on television through the curtain .. I
started A match between the Kuwait team and the Iraqi team .. And was playing in Baghdad .. Surprised the mystery of this great interest of the parents for this particular game I asked the question .. Chalsalfh ??  At that time I was about 8 years old and Maadri Chalsalfh and
ask this .. And this brings me up  .. And that say I shut up Khntab .. And one of them but responded to my queries  and this was my first match full of the team … I was watching the league games and the blue games of the time at that time I said I’m going to play games

I was fond of Jassim Yaqoub because he was a Qadasawi … Faisal Al Dakhil But my love for Kuwait and Bu Hammoud are the two who forced me to continue the game

the first goal of Iraq in the first ten djak .. I look at the faces of the parents and their faces every one of his money created the second except the child InshaAllah was Ataheda in my brothers and Tcolhm God cream feast God willing , claimed Ayibon saying Kuwait .. But they are where they lump inside the registration of Iraq , the first goal
and continued to play in another Dqaig first half Jean detractors Iraq , the second to say Hahaha and Shuf tragedy on Yohe brothers and mother  Jean nationally One of my brothers says he wins Wn Kuwait, may Allah be pleased with him, and he reminded you of his disbelief and his saying to his faith in God Almighty and his trust in the stars and men of Azraq at that time, who appreciate the responsibility and surrounded the name of Kuwait before their names

The first half ended with the Iraqi team advancing 2-0 against the Blue and this was the final match to qualify for the Moscow Olympics in 1980.
15 minutes interval between the two halves and still the pain and pain on the parents and I think all Kuwait was the same state of our home at the time.

The second half began … the determination of the players of the blue to do anything to Kuwait .. I stayed wondering between me and myself reasonable Kuwait Yasun Shi in Hull 45 minutes?

And I answered the answers to myself … As Iraq Yaboa Mu Muen long after Kuwait Iibun said after 
twenty minutes of the values ​​of the second .. And how long Iibun Kuwait say ?? I am looking at the light looks Shui left and Shui right Astrak eyes .. I’m afraid of bleeding from my brothers especially I am Ashufhm Maasabin of the net ^ _ ^ A

switch to Kuwait … منو اللي طلع ??

Of the emergence of Abdullah Mayouf and Saad al-Houti for the injury and descended on them Gamal Yacoub and Nasser Al-Ghanim … and they were the inspiration of youth at that time and their ages did not exceed twenty years .. Leila Hzil complain of Naznin and Chanoh settled this words of the parents did not become a switch and I Maadri Shalalbakhh
in a quiet moment of the game Jann becomes a penultimate to Kuwait Come and 
in the moment waiting to pay off the ball from the foot of Hammoud Jassim Yaqoub .. The reaping of nerves came to a climax and go back again .. Jean Ayeb first say Jassem and applause from the parents and words of praise and thanks to the Lord of the Worlds of the parents and parents.

Choi Jae – aye draw from the head of Nasser Al – Ghanim of the 18 – line … And raised the cheers in the house and scream and joy of money and the first and I am between myself and myself, I say this time that you think they complain about falling in Haloat Nasser al – Ghanim .. Kaho Jap say .. Jean Assab them and say this is the best player .. separated them Haha .. you know The person in Halomer liked the things quickly ^ _ ^ and

turned on the brothers of the oud and heard him say .. After .. After .. Prophet after the ruins of the words of Yabi after .. And increased enthusiasm in the players of the blue and began the players of Iraq, including what they used to the blue Why Ayeb say they start Wasting time and playing Bakhshona deliberately and hit the blue players of this and that … any strong after the right to play in their monastery Wei They are equal to Kuwait? Difficult to them the apparent.

Fathi Camille receives the ball from the middle of the stadium almost and eat one, the second and third and the area of ​​the penalty box on the left Bashoi and see him Raad Hamoudi .. And play the ball cross the ground right Jassim Yacoub facing the goal of the Iraqi team devoid of the goalkeeper … and send them strongly into the goal and was almost time Five minutes on the end of the game.

And I think that I was saying to you God is a cream and I think this was the calls of all Ayyaz and the people of Kuwait … I say I have become my expectation and my questions have become Ahihhaha
five minutes on the end of the game and each one in us His hands are on his heart and the time flies.
And increased the roughness and objections of Iraqi players on the blue players and the rule of the game, which ate Taq believed Makla one like him by the players of Iraq after the game .. The match ended with the victory of blue (3/2) and guided the Iraqis Ghalabhm God Almighty with the stadium after the end of the game

. Reasonable as a result of the turning of the front and a strong team like the Iraqi team and on their land ??

Ie everything becomes .. if the spirit exists and fear the reputation of the country and not to ridicule if there are men care about the reputation of Kuwait … Yes , everything becomes an order Lord of the Worlds Almighty God

of memories in that match …

increased my love and my passion for a terrifying Jassim Jacob , 
you After Nasser Al – Ghanim after scoring goal 
Fathi Kamil .. Afs Loaib Iraq Afissa Hahaha
Remember after Yarnah Bo Jassim Allah, have mercy on him, why did he take us to the airport to welcome the team returning from Baghdad at the airport .. And God is the owner of a place where there is a stop of many people who receive Yaayen blue players

after the game …