Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you
as the days of the Asian Cup qualifiers and our team participate in the qualifiers, which we all hope to qualify for the finals, God willing,
remember the days of Golden Blue, the days of the Asian Cup, which won the championship in 1980, a quarter of us can feel and strengthen their tricks and qualify for the finals. they downright if they played in the spirit and landed name Kuwait Jaddam eyes
Come then Kllona go back to 26 years ago
Asian Cup seventh session was held from 15 September 30 , 1980 participated in Halbtoulh 10 teams divided into two groups the
first group headed by Iran to win in the tournament who accepted included Syria, Bangladesh, North Korea and China
The second group was chaired by Kuwait as the host country and Kuwait was joined by the UAE, Qatar, Malaysia and South Korea.
Come here, let us see Kuwait team delegation participating in the tournament.
Kuwaiti pressure continued, but Mako Vaidah of the United Arab Emirates and Guljehm Said Selbukh were an impenetrable dam on Kuwait attackers.
Under the Kuwaiti pressure, the Emirates dropped the equalizer from their player Ahmed Jumby and ended the match on Halentige 1-1 draw and was able to Halentgeh reassuring the masses of Kuwait.
The second game was on 18/09/1980 with Malaysia and the beginning of the match , also pressure Kuwaiti was necessary for them win in Halambarah and had them Maaradoa and recorded saying by Fathi Kamil in 17 minutes of hate download them to him Bo Hammoud Hadtha Bo Camille along.
At the beginning of the second half in the third minute dropped their first Korean speech and continued their pressure on Kuwait and Yabwa II in the 18th minute … Ahlam Chalsalfh ?? Shwe Jan Eibon III and ended the match with the loss of our team 3/0 The result was harsh on all players and the masses and was the most person got criticism of Aho Gulji Kuwait in the game Abdulnabi Hafez and this is the successor to the coach in the games after and played substitute Jassim Bahman … Fahad Al-Ahmad went on the same day and claimed responsibility for the loss. All the players admitted that he was short in the match but he was very confident in men in the court and said that the religion would be returned to the owners.
 Kuwait was competing for second place in Malaysia. It was necessary for our team to win against Qatar in the fourth and final match on 25/9/1980 and they won 4-0, respectively, Faisal Al Dakhil in the 32nd minute of the first half and Jassim Yacoub of penalty In the 4th minute of the second half.
Faisal Al Dakhil scored in the 12th minute and Abdul Aziz Al Anbari scored the fourth goal in the 21st minute. Our team ranked second in the group after South Korea to meet Iran in the semi-final and you know that Sheno means the Iranian team at the time was the hero of the tournament which was preceded by Kuwait.
The game of the semi-final with Iran .. And on 28/9/1980 the game looked and the Kuwait team at that time Ybe satisfies fans thirsty to win the game, but Mo easy as they show them because Iran was very difficult at that time, especially their player Asmar Barzagiri. .. The first time I saw my life Iranian player black. The first half ended with a draw and Moo Baji only 45 minutes on the end of the game and began the second half and a long hate of the magician Nasser Al-Ghanem decree Balali on Real Jasim Yacoub alone to say and record the first goal of Kuwait in the 18th minute The excitement on both sides increased in the 41st minute One to dislike between the intruder and the intruder Jassim Jacob recorded the second say of Kuwait.