Kuwait team and the World Cup

Football in Kuwait dates a long time ago, with enormous popularity to this day on. Today the prominence of football, as well as betting on it, is of gigantic proportions. Online casinos made it very convenient and approachable, and the coolcatnodeposit.com offers you a dozen freeways to bet for a sure win. Now, let’s get into the history of Kuwait football. We want to get back from our memory and get back to a period of only two years from the days of Kuwaiti football and we will see that they would rejoice and, God willing, we will be proud of our joy, such as our fans, before them senior stars have given to Kuwait and raised the name of Kuwait high everywhere and between 1980 and 1982 … We trust in God.

In 1980, we qualified for qualifying for the Moscow Olympics, which was held in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and in March, we qualified for our team after a long marathon with the Iraqi team in the group, which at the time included Kuwait and Iraq Syria. To whom. Jordan. The group Ntaij was stuck between Kuwait and Iraq and Shufoa Netage.

And tied the Kuwait and Iraq points and the game was the final that determined the champion of the group and the word Blue is the Faisal in this game and let’s see it with some

The match between Kuwait and Iraq

Our team qualified for the Moscow Olympics and was on the 7th of the same year 1980. The group of Kuwait in the Olympics included Czechoslovakia, Colombia and Nigeria.

This is the final ranking of the group

Kuwait scored the second goal to meet the Soviet team, the owner of the ground and ended the match with the victory of the Soviets 2/1 scored Kuwait goal in the match Jassim Yacoub .. It was one of the most beautiful goals of horror in his life and Kuwait was a strong vengeance for the Soviet team in the match and shine by Kuwait goalkeeper Ahmed Trabelsi was already The star of the first meeting and our team came out of Halbatullah raised head.

After the meeting between Kuwait and the Soviets, the two teams concede to each other. The world goalkeeper, Dasayev, is seen at the top of the picture and goes to Jasim Yacoub to greet him for his excellent goal. And ended the championship and joy of Kuwait made by Blue men … and then go in the same year of September and have a date with the joy of a new Kuwaiti, winning the Asian Nations Cup.

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This was a new joy for Kuwait and its people in one year and we are now enjoying the great joy and the journey of the Kuwaiti team to qualify for the World Cup, the largest sporting event wish each player and Kuwait is placed in a group of iron in the first qualifiers alongside South Korea’s second Asian Cup and the Iranian team third Asian Cup and Malaysia And Thailand in addition to Kuwait, the Asian Cup champion in 1980. The questions raised in the development of these teams with some in one group but the Iranian team withdrew from the group because of his entry into a war with Iraq at the time withdrew the withdrawal. The groups included both:

Group A: New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Fiji

Group II: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Syria

Group III: Kuwait, South Korea, Iran (withdrawn), Malaysia, Thailand

Group F: China, North Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Macau

We will see the Kuwait Group matches and then we will go to the second round and the Kuwaiti team’s World Cup trip

World Cup qualifiers

Kuwait hosted the group in the period from 21/4/1981 to 29/4/1981

Kuwait’s first match with the Thai team on 22/4 and Kuwait won 6-0

Abdulaziz Al Anbari scored two goals, Jassim Yaqoub, Fathi Kamil, Faisal Al Dakhil and Mohammed Karam

Kuwait team at the start of the qualifiers

Kuwaiti goal in the goal of Thailand

The second meeting with the Malaysian team ended with a Kuwaiti win with four goals against none scored by Mahboob Juma two goals, Jasim Yaqoub, Nasser Alghanim

Kuwaiti attack on the Malaysian team

Kuwait and the Korean team drew points and the last meeting was the final between them to qualify for the second round of qualifying as a champion of the group

The match was held on 29/4/1981

And the stadiums were drawn to the masses to support the Blue … And if the match is not or not, and the start of the meeting between the two teams and caution was controlling the two teams at the beginning of the game until the first half ended with a draw and started the second half and the insistence was clear on Kuwait players to end the meeting and in the fifth minute Alnbri score Kuwait The first of the passes between the players of Kuwait, the Korean defense and the attack and pressure and the Kuwaiti attacks and the rebound of the Korean team .. The minute 35 raised by Saad Al-Houti on the head of Jassim Yacoub Jazm terrible inside the area of ​​the West Gaddam Nasser Al-Ghanim and says by God, Koreans Hetwa hopes to qualify for the World Cup … and the salvation of Korea Trouh Korea and Kuwait Trouh Spain.

Fathi Kamil passes from the Korean team

Jassim Yacoub flies over the Korean goalkeeper and defender

Fathi Camille pays for the Korean goal

Nasser Al-Ghanim congratulates Kuwait on second goal

Blue players after the game are surrounded by security, press and the masses

Total Group

Order Group Teams

World Cup qualifiers

It was the first meeting of the Kuwaiti team with New Zealand, which has 3 points of victory and draw on the day 10/10/1981 The match was in the morning according to the timing of Kuwait and began the meeting under pressure New Zealand on Kuwait’s goal and were able to score their goal 25 minutes of the first half that ended on this goal and at the beginning The second half changed the situation of the Blue and they attacked the New Zealand goal and scored a penalty for Kuwait at the start of the second half missed by Jassim Yaqoub, but Mako is desperate and another Kuwaiti attack and the referee is awarded a second penalty kick and one of the New Zealand public gets rid of the referee and dismisses him and defends the New Zealand crowd. Al-Dakhil for the penalty kick and score the equalizer for Kuwait .. The Kuwaiti pressure continues until Jassim Yaqoub scored a goal and a brilliant head to end the meeting with the victory of Kuwait 2/1 and your brother with some shots of the meeting.

Naeem Saad in the movement Bahlawanih

World Cup finals

The Kuwait Group at the 1982 World Cup included England, France, Czechoslovakia and Kuwait. The first game of Kuwait was against Czechoslovakia and ended with a draw for each of them .. Kuwait scored Faisal Al-Dakhil in the 13th minute of the second half.


Kuwait and France (1/4)

The goal of Kuwait in this match, Abdullah Al Balushi and the goals of France, Genjini, Platini, Six and Bosis This match was the last international match for Jasim Yacoub with the team.

Meet Kuwait and England

Kuwait and England (0/1) The Kuwaiti team embarrassed the England team in this meeting, which ended with a single goal for England scored by Trevor Francis in the 27th of the first half.

And the end of the journey and the journey of Kuwaiti joy to the finals of the World Cup .. Will we look like Halafrah once again to qualify for the Asian Cup and then to the international forums and sing with some.

Photographs of Kuwait football team.