Today Bodikkm cruise on the sea line … and Burikm Kuwait restaurants adjacent to the sea line .. Praise be to God Khosh restaurants on the sea and we have a very beautiful beach very … It is considered one of the best beaches in the world … Dandran

We start from the direction of the roundabout bid’ah and we are going back again

SS Danh Restaurant

He ended, as if he had not become one before.

Adhesive in the restaurant Danah formerly a restaurant called the second Zorba of his name says it Ahuzi restaurant … I’m sorry I mean a Ukrainian restaurant Ukrainian Shi Halbqel .. Of course Kuwaitis rare Matlakhm in the restaurant. I advise you right advice to the spirit of the restaurant sits on the table Jibal sea and vinegar show The spectacular view, however, is no wonder what you are looking for.

Pizza Hut

We know the Danah Enrouh Shwe Jadam .. You meet 2465050 Pizza Hut to deliver Zahbin … But this is the one who goes in the right of delivery and the last request arrives cool and do not say I see you a hot, good, God willing … But Falahn you say to me and you see you A special customer and we won a pizza offer two at one price … Kho Shsui in them ?? Kho Mahd eating pizza at home, but I am important to talk about the restaurant chey and the most important of the strange kind of strange time to meet anything and then meet them and give them the name of God on them.

Of course the majority of the restaurant pioneers of the family size I mean Max Large Madry the most degrade Shi Pizza is full or something … God knows

Kripawi Restaurant

He also became extinct.

Burger King

Burger King spaces … Win your days, the hungry rabbit .. On the idea of ​​the day was at the restaurant, the car alone and standing Yam … Laoshkha after the car Mo him walking down the sea.

Solidere Palace

Cafe, restaurant, park and Madry Choue Solidere Palace … This is at the Pavloz Café … Of course the young people on Abu Mako parking places at the restaurant lurking their cars Alchchp Mountains Restaurant means you see Halsarh me ha ?? I mean Yali Yaya Restaurant or Mara Gaddam The restaurant See my car and slap his table Ym his car means you see me .. Maadena Appreciate I call it the subject of Mako filling … Also extinct Restaurant went with the wind.

Pavloz Café

User Name Remember Me? Jve above Atdash whole herds and Jarabit Madre Henw .. Ground floor people Tkanh sitting and Awali and Maku nuisance … ascend above shout and Ngerp and Weah and Afsh and screaming Genc sitting Bharaj cars screaming Hazubaan from every direction … of course, then Maepen the sea buried from buildings who Jaddamh.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka … This poor see … His place of splendor and frankness and his seat Ferry Nice but eating after Maatak Maaylk sleep at night … Yanas eat where 6 tons fat ??? Which Leach returned ?? Shen MacKill I am And God, all that is consumed of him at night, is bound to be a man, and he will watch over me. Mnaheh girls who wear short skirts they sit on the buffalo because they are Pseiron Faraj right, which is settled and what Mayswi meet the one is raped to stop his car under the restaurant means Bnr stand, and only if I sit down and read the advice of a quarter of me Hani Mu Shaifin good girls Vltagmain on the Jammer means romantic romantic love two minutes in the middle of the center they appreciate the sea and the caliber of the return returned, and only God to make a single Ashov Dale of our German brothers base protesting and reap Macha Allah Kalash win the most important of the youthful trivial.

Hard Rock Restaurant

Of the restaurants is very nice and its strategic location … Most of the restaurant’s pioneers are the Lebanese sister chain … and the food is very expensive and reasonably priced.


McDonald ‘s the favorite restaurant for the majority of the sea’ s pioneers … On Shino Madry is back … God is casting his luck.

But the movement of all wonderful Jsunha young people cars … Shishon towards the money of foreign applications because of the most important Marin who read the people inside and the most important cars … The people of Fazih and poor and then come to the second house and return the opposite of the walk and the second time … In God Aho Q Yalley was a second time with a touch of the base, which is inside the Atkum and the other alone ?? Khu Ahia itself. Maimdha I am Chino Bchov Yid to return to the second time.

Johnny Carinouz Restaurant

Johnny Carinoz restaurant finally entered it and every time I enter it eat from it, then I need to sleep or sleep, or I will recite the prayer, and God will shake my hand, but I will not. But the sight of Amanten Khosh eat.

Restaurant Tower Bath

Tower of pigeons … This Tuo Yid and also entered but I was told in the past and the covenant on the narrator that eating is very ordinary, but the seat very sweet and everything very very …. Filling his job filled with Lebanese and sweet and comfortable and Hadi Mafia Louie in the past also was if Btrouh I mean, for example, tak brask a day of days Tbezm Rvigk or Habibtk or your wife is the anchor of your beloved or your children … If this is the return of your sweetness or your children meet you Modi and Sharhan them after … Important Prask Day Baking from the restaurant itself Staswi returned self and Matchthi. Password FAQ Members List Calendar Mark Forums Read?? Tell them, how are you? They say, “Hit your phone number, and we will knock on you when you miss it. We told you to come.” They say, “Allah is back, we are the soldiers of Tbe, and we will not overthrow. Even eating has become a role and a privilege. Things have become so natural and very normal that you are going to eat at your leisure.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC is the same as any other KFC but this is his advantage.

Nino Restaurant

Nino Restaurant Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm of the restaurants of my favorite frankness … It is a steak Moe natural Yum Yum … And the juices that sit in the grill and the elegance of his speeches … God Wester Jean Moe Germans after the subject they walk there God Wester them … The right of the Germans Akko Grip Restaurant Toward the Towers.

Frydiz Restaurant

Fradides World Madry Shawley is a good luck for the restaurant ?? Aho Zain better than other frankness but a small defect. Of course, the pioneers of the restaurant, every thing, the politics and the mind of Bermuda, skirts, pants, tops, …, Cher, walking, flying, locomotives, everything, everything. The most important defect in the restaurant is unanimous … And you are the basis of eating convergence Qato and not Otoy Mar Sobek say you peace Ahlbek Chalonk Tall age ??? It is possible to cut the steak or else cut noodles.

In this picture, but four cats Matkhalon who came from the drama of garbage and who were walking in the form of fur on the restaurant Jam Catouh … drunken junk and unloaded your age and saw the restaurant Alay.

The Federer

Restaurant Fdrekrz … And God praise him eat Saj returned. Maaarf any Shi about the restaurant Flatalik … also went with the wind …. Vkthrhm who went with the wind did not stay for them.


Lunoter … Of course the rumors Henny Baldera on the nose of Yashil Remember before Talaat rumor that the restaurant Maidshh only the official wear I returned I said Bnad and spirit of sport .. Come back and I said at the door I said then Bicololi Wayne Rayeh and the future of my car at the Gena Mahd Eilem And the ones who have them … And who do you say, Maidshah, but the official ?? Money palm on and you! And the day but I and Rafighi who base Nkl and beauty and one of Mtcherin me and there is one of the best restaurants frank food and cleanliness and a seat beautiful open self.

Oaini on the beautiful beautiful views … Knowledge useful to benefit everyone sees the restaurant Mo us.

Apple Bee’s

Apple Bees … And God seat sweet but you returned and you have a meal with time and time Zine and time Haha for you to love … Of course in the places of injustice within the meaning and you eat Matdri you and Hzk seat Halo and Hadi also right Dendrh see Zain.

Chili’s Restaurant

Giles, the family restaurant and the American at the same time times Tshar Tachar of Germans, who told you to eat, but they eat it, but the meat on the back of this Hmil returned Moa like the  warmest Macha Allah, the restaurant if it came to him on the day of the day, or Thursday of the hour nine Matlaki all say that the scene Khoosh Leach returned?  From the zipper see Ha ?? … we go to eat the first Mayiblk eating Choufh Hhawhar Tashchshchsh Tashachshash of heat, they returned Anto ate quickly before Laibard.

But Zain advised you in it

Ruby Tewzdi Restaurant

Ruby Tewzdi … We’re the one who saved Robbie on TV. No, and the advertisement is still in the red Gena Alqumlk which I wore in her latest song Les Baddari Khedh and Baidari Kaddah God and Igrblj Keda … Of course this is the German restaurant, which I tell you about the towers Tuh Yidd means Maadry Schalftha Flatalik love after two Germans and eat delicious.

Restaurant Mays Al Ghanim

This Madri Shsalfth once on the right of Dasman and the left on the left Dasman Yakhi Arkd place one and Thol and Madry Leach on Sunday, sugar … I mean, you see Mo Hamni ha .. Khu Ashfaha Indian restaurants Aljbati and sambosak ?? Hey ?? Forgot it ??? Ayyeeyi Allah is proud of the days of poverty.

Come with me

Strange strange restaurant The best restaurant in the world … Badr Al Baddour restaurant … I advise you Kabbab and the thickness of falafel and round potatoes. This is located in the area of ​​Benid Al-Qar … After Mbailh know Shno means Bnid  Alqar Achofon form of Libra Tvoa your liver, but eat it Shi Ajeeb Maodkm Trdhon him Shadoh  Hotel Saad Badr Badr Badr … Price list very cheap Ten falafel fins and potatoes only one dinar … I mean, 3 dinars, eat a full-fledged whole, if you feel like it is going to turn your head off, I will demand a clock, I will burn it with a grenade on your hand. May your father be born, and your father will come to you, but his shape will break your mind. The important thing was our trip today on the Sea Line restaurants in the beloved Kuwait.